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As a tenant, you have an obligation to maintain your home in good condition.  This means that you are responsible for having your boiler inspected regularly. The frequency may vary and this obligation is usually included in the details of your lease. 

A legal obligation first and foremost

In addition to the provisions in your lease, this is also a legal requirement. You are obliged to have an inspection carried out annually or every two or three years, depending on the type of fuel and the capacity of your boiler. 

While the inspection is obligatory, maintenance is not. However, it is highly recommended so as to ensure that your installation will last over time and remain efficient. During an inspection, the technician will usually also carry out a service, cleaning and fine-tuning the installation and sweeping the chimney if necessary. Although you bear the cost of the inspection and the maintenance, in the event of wear and tear, a defect or a breakdown, you do not necessarily have to pay for the repairs.  

Finally, your boiler must be inspected by an approved professional. A list of these professionals can be consulted here. The technician will hand you an inspection certificate which you have to keep for two years. 

What if you don’t do it? 

First of all, if the authorities check up, you risk being fined. However, failing to maintain your boiler can also cost you a great deal of money as the installation will be less efficient and will wear out more quickly. 

Finally, in the event of a fire, your insurance company will check that you have indeed had these mandatory inspections carried out. If you have not fulfilled this obligation, you risk a reduction in the compensation to which you are entitled. 

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