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BuyerSide had a new mission: to help a young French first-time buyer acquire a property in Brussels.

In search of the perfect property

Our client did not have any particular criteria when looking to buy her first apartment in Brussels. All she wanted was a one-bedroom apartment in a lively district and above all, in which she would feel at ease. A few days after the search began, the BuyerSide experts suggested a property. The client was very quickly captivated by this Saint-Gilles apartment, in a district that is both trendy and family-oriented, near the city centre. Unfortunately, it was not possible to organise a visit; another buyer had already made an offer which the owners had accepted. Having looked into the conditions of the competing offer, BuyerSide knew that there was a funding condition which could weaken the transaction.

An apartment to fall for!

A few weeks later, BuyerSide contacted the owners again and, good news: we learnt that the apartment could come back onto the market as the potential buyer was having difficulty obtaining a loan from the banks. Without waiting, BuyerSide organised a visit with our client. She fell for the property immediately! This superb apartment had been fully and tastefully renovated. It was part of a small, jointly owned building and had lovely parquet, fine, high ceilings and a balcony. At the end of the visit, we submitted a price offer without funding conditions, which was accepted within the hour. 

So BuyerSide’s tenacity paid off; our French client is now delighted to be settled in her new cosy nest, where she can invite friends to enjoy aperitifs on her balcony.