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Three tips for buying well in Belgium

Three tips for buying well in Belgium

Buying property is one of the most important choices in the life of a future owner. Whether the choice is emotional or rational, to be sure that you make the right decision it is best to have guidance. So to guard against this experience ending in failure, BuyerSide would like to give you some tips.

1. Draw up a list of your needs
To be sure that you do not regret your choice and you buy the property that best corresponds to your expectations, draw up a list of all the criteria that are important for you. This way, you will easily be able to eliminate offers that do not meet your expectations. When searching for and visiting properties, consider your future purchase in its environment. Assess whether the home-work journey is realistic, take note of access to public transport, schools, crèches and shops. Even if all these elements are not among your basic criteria, they may be important if you wish to resell or let the property.

2. Take the time to look around and call upon professionals
One truly essential factor when buying property is to take time, to analyse and compare the various offers. When dealing with large sums of money, it is always advisable to call on professionals who will guide you through each step of your project. 

3. Analyse the property and check all the legal documents before buying 
Before signing, go round all the main technical elements such as the electricity, the heating, the glazing and the plumbing. This will enable you to check how well they have been maintained and anticipate any renovation work that may be necessary. If the property includes extensions and improvements, ask to see all the validating town planning documents. In fact, cases of conversion work that has not been declared to the commune even though a town planning permit should have been obtained occur frequently.

Are you looking for a property to buy? Call on BuyerSide to guide you through each step of your project and find the property of your dreams.